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Universal Cards
Classic international cards: MasterCard, Visa and UnionPay. Top-up by converting local to international (Dollars USA) currency and by deposit by cash in international currency (Dollars USA)
  • Convenient Worldwide payment
  • 30,000 UZS Producing and service fees
  • Unified account

Shopping around the world
Top-up by local currency (Sum) through mobile app and in international currency (Dollars USA) by visiting any bank branch
30,000 UZS
Issuing card
0 $
Insurance deposit
0 %
Commission for payment for goods and services in the bank network
Currency exchange in OFB Mobile application Download OFB Mobile and transfer sums into dollars from home, office or during a walk. The operation will take minutes.
"How I use the Universal card for online shopping"
Sarvar, active internet user      

Before appearing of this card, I used electronic money. I didn’t like the fact that the commission for replenishing the account is huge. And it was uncomfortable to fill up these wallets.

Now I use Universal cards and decently save my money and time.

OFB convenient mobile bank
Online purchase and sale of currency        
Loan repayment
Opening and replenishment of deposits
Card expense reports for any period
Card lock and unlock
Instant transfers to clients of other banks
Payment of utility bills, mobile communications, Internet, television
How to get a card
  • Application Apply on the website. Our employee will call you and tell you about the conditions.
    On the same day
  • Documents Come to the bank with a passport, the staff will quickly fill your documents
    On the same day
  • Card is ready Our employee will call you and you can get your card
    During the week

  • Tariffs
    1. For the issuance of main card – 30,000 UZS.

    2. For the issuance of the additional card – 30,000 UZS.

    3. 1Yearly fee - unforeseen

    1. Upon the expiration of ‘best before’ date – 30,000 UZS

    2. In case of theft or loss – 30,000 UZS

    3. Card expiration date – 3 years

    4. Insurance deposit (account balance) – 0 $

    Transaction commission (UnionPay Classic / MasterCard Standard / Visa Classic)
    1. Payment for goods and services across the Bank network – 0%

    2. At the territory of the RUz – 0%

    3. On the HUMO network – 0%

    4. International transactions (including online-stores) – 0.5% (≥0.5 $)

    5. Payment for goods and services, international transaction – 0.5% (≥0.5 $)

    6. Cash withdrawal within the network (UnionPay Classic / MasterCard Standard / Visa Classic) – 0 $

    7. Cash withdrawal in Uzbekistan – 1.5% (≥2 $)

    8. Cash withdrawal, international transaction – 1.5% (≥2 $)

    9. Crediting commission inside the Orient Finans bank network – 0 $

    10. Crediting commission, non-cash payment – 0%

    11. Commission for the card verification certificate (given on Bank’s official letterhead) – 20,000 UZS

    12. Commission for card operability certificate – 20,000 UZS

    13. Commission for card suspension (if ‘lost or stolen’) – 40,000 UZS

    14. Commission for appealing dubious transaction (one cycle) – 85,000 UZS

OFB application
Order debit cards in national and foreign currencies, as well as open virtual cards