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Safe and deposit boxes in Head office
Individual safes and boxes
The protection of deposit and valuables from fire,earthquake,flooding,robbery and other risks. For individuals, business and sole proprietorship.
  • Confidentiality Private and confidential information of our customers are secured in accordance with the law of Uzbekistan.
  • Secured Safe can be unlocked only by a simultaneous turn of master-key and key of an individual
  • Convenient Visit your safe depist box any time during the business hours of bank branches
Flexible terms
Rent a required safe deposit box for the desired period. You decide, how much to spend for rental and the size of safe deposit box.
From 15000 UZS Lease value for a month
Up to 3 years The term of safe deposit box rental
    60 cm       The height of the biggest       safe deposit box.
All boxes are located in special vaults with the steel door 1,5 ton of weight
Safe for buying and selling an apartment Convenient way to secure the purchase and sale of apartment. Bank takes responsibility to transfer large amount of cash from customers to salesmen.
200 000 UZS
Rent any safe deposit box   and get service
«Documents and valuables are in safe deposit box of OFB, I feel peace of mind»
Rano, retiree

My name is Rano. Nowadays i am in the deserved retirement – на пенси. I have three sons, they work and live in different countries: eldest in Kazakhstan, younger son in Kyrgyzstan, and the youngest in Germany. I spend a lot of time abroad so i have to leave my apartment in Tashkent  unsecured. I did not used to know , whom i should leave my cadastral documents of my apartment, personal documents, personal valuables and some savings, when i used to leave home for a  while. Today i am a regular customer of OFB – i rent one box and keep there my documents and valuables. When i visit my sons , necessary documents and valuables and keep them in individual banking safe deposit box of OFB, and i feel peace of mind.

Wide choice of sizes
Nine choices of the size of safe deposit boxes for keeping objects in applied volume.
93 mm 15 000 UZS per month
125 mm 30 000 UZS
300 mm 40 000 UZS
475 mm 50 000 UZS
600 mm 470 мм 300 mm 70 000 UZS
In the Head office
74 mm 15 000 UZS per month
126 mm 30 000 UZS
256 mm 40 000 UZS
386 mm 610 mm 306 mm 70 000 UZS
How to rent a safe deposit box
  • Application Submit an application on website. Our contact center will call you back and will explain conditions Later the same day
  • Documents Or visit our bank with required documents Later the same day
  • Safe is Yours After payment of the rent you can use your safe as you wish Later the same day
Safe and deposit boxes in the Head office
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  • Tariffs and Conditions
    1. 74 х 306 х 610 mm - 15 000 UZS (including VAT)
    2. 93 х 300 х 470 mm - 15 000 UZS (including VAT)
    3. 125 х 300 х 470 mm - 30 000 UZS (including VAT)
    4. 126 х 306 х 610 mm - 30 000 UZS (including VAT)
    5. 256 х 306 х 610 mm - 40 000 UZS (including VAT)
    6. 300 х 300 х 470 mm - 40 000 UZS (including VAT)
    7. 475 х 300 х 470 mm - 50 000 UZS (including VAT)
    8. 386 х 306 х 610 mm - 70 000 UZS (including VAT)
    9. 600 х 300 х 470 mm  - 70 000 UZS (including VAT)
    10. Deposit box "Garant" - 200 000 UZS (including VAT)
    11. Penalty for losing the key to the deposit box - Recovey costs
      +400 000 UZS
    12. Penalty for damage to the deposit box by the client  - Recovey costs
      + 300 000 UZS
    13. Security deposit for non-residents when registering deposit boxes - 200 USD
  • Advantages
    Basic advantages
    1. Have a good time on vacation.
    2. Have an efficient time in the long term trip.
    3. To be confident for the safety of valuables and funds because of modern security infrastructure and the protection of safe deposit box.
    4. To be secured in compliance with the principles of confidentiality .
  • Forbidden to keep?
    1. Flammable, toxic, explosive, narcotic, poisoning, radioactive, chemical, bacterial substances; weapon, other objects and materials are prohibited for keeping by current law.
    2. The objects withdrawn from circulation and/or prohibited for storage without special permission; liquids; the spoiling products; storage of other objects and materials that may lead to damage of the safe, the near safes and their contents, causing damage to Depositary of Bank or health of staff.
    3. Prohibited literature of an anti-political or religious nature (including leaflets), that calls for an unconstitutional change in the existing govern system, the seizure of power or the removal from power of lawfully elected or appointed representatives of the government or unconstitutional violation of the unity of the territory .