OFB Mobile App
OFB Ultra
Deposit currency: US dollar.
Long-term deposit
2,5% Interest
Quick and reliable
Interest payments will be returned to you at the end of the deposit term. The safety of your funds is guaranteed by the state.
5000 $ Minimum deposit amount
500 days Deposit term
Deposit Insurance Fund of the Republic of Uzbekistan insures the deposit. It means that the state guarantees payments on deposits. 
OFB24 convenient mobile bank
Opening and replenishment of deposits
Reports on card spending for any period
Instant transfers to customers of other banks
Payments for utility services, mobile communications, Internet, television
Opening in 10 minutes
  • Application Apply online. Our employee calls you and tells you about the conditions 
    On the same day
  • Documents Alternatively, you can immediately come to the bank with the necessary documents
    On the same day
  • Deposit is open After depositing the amount into the deposit account, your money will start to make a profit
    On the same day
{{ $label('request.header.default') }} {{ $label('request.header.success') }} {{ $label('request.header.fail') }} {{ $label('request.header.failDescription') }} {{ $label('request.submit') }} We will call you in an hour to get the missing information and make an appointment at the convenient branch.
  • Terms of service
    • Accrual, payments and currency of interest
      Monthly (after 30 days) in the currency of the deposit
    • Additional terms
      In cases when the depositor does not require the return of the amount of the term deposit after the expiration of the deposit term, the term deposits with the expired term are transferred to demand deposit accounts
    • Capitalization
      Not provided
    • Return of the full or partial amount of the deposit
      In case of early withdrawing the deposit amount, the interest on the deposit will not be paid, the interest previously paid will be deducted from the principal amount of the deposit
    • Additional contributions to the deposit
      Not accepted
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